Leigh is an avid recreational golfer who came to me with knee and back pain, which he rated an 8 on a scale of 10.  He limped and was unable to perform his daily activities.

His goals:

  • Play golf daily without pain
  • Kneel at the church pew
  • Walk the golf course with ease
  • Lose 10 pounds
  • Travel in a car comfortably to courses across the country
  • Eliminate regular Orthovisc injections and prevent surgery
  • Balance on one leg

We got to work right away and discovered ways in which we could improve his body alignment and coordination, and reduce the restriction he felt in his hips, spine, lower legs, and feet to help him feel easeful movement.

Leigh has achieved all his goals. Moving smarter has eliminated Leigh’s pain, he now plays up to 27 holes of golf in a day, and he sets more and more athletic challenges for himself.  He isn’t slowing down any time soon! 

“I have been active in sports my entire life. I had arthritic knees and low back pain severe enough to dramatically limit my mobility. I was unable to do the things I enjoy most without pain and discomfort, but neither condition warranted surgery. I had completed physical tharapy with minimal success.  A friend of mine recommended Jen. 

I can play golf again. It is incredible how well I move now, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. 

Jen is an outstanding instructor, coach and communicator . She teaches physical movements and techniques that have allowed me to increase my range of motion and strength. She challenges me but understands my limitations and can see things only I can feel. I can move better now that I have in years, and I couldn’t be happier.”

Leigh Dushane

Retiree, Avid Golfer

“Generally after long periods of walking or standing, my knees and low back would become stiff and sometimes painful.  If I do experience any knee (or any other joint) aches or pain, I can utilize the tips and skills Jen has taught me to correct my alignment and relieve the soreness. Working with Jen has helped my body more than any traditional physical therapy sessions.  

Working with Jen has also helped me on a very personal level with my grief and depression. Specifically, my sleep and general attitude have improved. I don’t feel as physically fatigued and mentally scattered as I once did.  In my opinion, Jen strips away the stereotypical aestheticism so often used in the fitness and exercise industry. She gets back to basics by treating the whole body as simply a body moving through its environment.

On a personal note, Jen is a kind and compassionate motivator. Her knowledge base and experience has given her a sharp eye for anatomical idiosyncrasies. She doesn’t use “cookie-cutter” programs—every session is individualized for the client’s needs. Jen is accessible to her clients, and she wants us to succeed!”

Devon Hagerman

MS Exercise Science, Oakland University

“In just a few sessions with Jen, I’ve moved from living in my head to an awareness that I have a body, and that body matters to my health, well-being, and cognitive performance. Reconnecting with my movement and breathing has adjusted my whole way of being in the world and relating to other people in a positive way.  

Jen is incredibly knowledgeable! I’ve learned so much from her and while I look forward to the physical aspects of our work, I also love learning from her vast knowledge base! She’s truly an expert and she makes learning about the mechanics of your anatomy fun (this was totally unexpected for me!).”

Kerry Ann Rockquemore

CEO, National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity

“I have less pain for my active lifestyle.  Jen is easy to work with and produces life changing results.”

Patrick O'Keefe

CEO, O'Keefe & Associates & President, Detroit Athletic Club

“After my abdominal surgery, I didn’t feel 100%. Mentally I was feeling down and anxious about not being able to be 100% for my family and for my job. Jen has helped me through this recovery process.

What I love and appreciate most about Jen is that she’s nurturing, and she’s here for you. I feel like I’m the only thing that’s in her moment–she’s not looking at her phone or checking her emails. It’s one-on-one, face-to-face, and very personalized, so I feel like the priority when I’m with her. Having Jen guide me in healthy ways to deal with my stress and body’s needs helps me be a better wife and mother. Jen was very gentle in her approach and gave me the confidence to go a little further each session.”

Cori Callahan

Former Radio City Rockette, Choreographer, Sales Rep & Mother of 3

“Jen is very knowledgeable about her profession. Her recovery plan made sense and pinpointed my issues. My experience with Jen is very different from what I had with a PT. The work was designed for my issues rather than trying to fit me in a cookie-cutter program.

Since seeing Jen, I understand the movement issues I have much better. Now, I am able to get back to heavier weightlifting and I am more cognizant regarding what to focus on during lifting. Also, exercises Jen showed me have helped strengthen some of my weaknesses, especially the weaknesses I did not know I had.”

Alex Jerome

Senior Director, Administration, Perinatology Research Branch, Wayne State University

“I finished the Detroit Free Press Marathon pain-free, after weeks of painful training!! But more importantly, I’ve become more cognizant of my body, how it moves, and how I can work on more efficient, proper day-to-day movement.”

Caitlin Falenski

Financial Advisor

Before working with Jen, I was very frustrated with my recurring pain issues. I have had two lower back surgeries. Any physical activity from sports, travel, or house work produced pain.

For the first time in 12 years, I am excited about the future. Jen was the first practitioner I found with a program designed to address the root cause of my pain. She has provided a very personal, effective plan to improve my life.

Since working with Jen, I have become more active with less pain.  I am able to reduce my pain “on my own” through body awareness and home exercise. I just completed a home project involving climbing up and down a 4-foot ladder all day for a week and experienced no resultant pain for the first time. I am playing more golf, and my overall balance is greatly improved.”

Craig Wills

Retiree, Woodworker, Avid Golfer

“My aches and pains have vanished, which allows me to do anything I want. She is an amazing teacher too. I am constantly learning about how my body works and what to do when it’s not working well.

She is amazing! Jen can truly help you live your life fully. Surgeries and medications aren’t always necessary and should not be the first line of defense.”

Carol O'Keefe

COO, O'Keefe & Associates

“After having minor knee surgery in December 2006, and despite extensive rehab, my knee never responded like I hoped. I had almost completely given up playing professional golf because I couldn’t bear the pain practicing and playing caused in my knee.  After almost 9 years of suffering, I found Jen and she was able to identify that my knee pain was caused by body alignment dysfunction in my feet and hips. 

As of now, my pain is almost gone, and I’m resuming my professional golfing career. I highly recommend Jen to anyone who wants to feel pain-free and enjoy a better quality of life.”

Bob Makoski

PGA Professional

From the second I heard Jen instructing another student at a studio in NYC, I knew she was who I wanted to work with. After our first session in my apartment, my husband asked to join. Her sensitivity to our different needs and the respect she showed for our relationship made the hours we worked together some of the most wonderful and satisfying my husband and I have spent together.

Jen is straight talking and profoundly interested and knowledgeable about how the body works and how stress, unhealthy eating habits, emotional distress, or lack of sleep adversely affect it. We found that her intuitions were always spot-on.

Lucky is the client, student, or patient who finds himself in her care—she will bring all her many talents to her work with you; we are sure you will be glad and grateful for her presence in your life.”

Katharine Rudbeck, M.A., M.Phil Yale University

History Teacher at a college prep day school, Former Ballerina

“Prior to working with Jen, I had tried various methods of exercise and physical therapy, yet I never seemed to be able to stick with any of these until I was blessed to find Jen as an instructor/health coach.

Jen is very astute and observant of her clients’ physical status and health needs.  With a sharp eye and strong intuition, she assesses her clients (without you ever feeling like you have been analyzed) to provide custom solutions.  She goes at a comfortable pace, while encouraging incremental steps to reach higher.

She is a master at giving directions and guidance through verbal analogies that fit how I think, which in turn helps me to translate directions into action.  She demonstrates gentle (but firm) coaching skills and makes me feel like a success with her continuous encouragement. Jen is patient, humorous, and makes the session fun, at the same time seriously beneficial to heart, mind, and body.

I work in healthcare providing leadership development programs and training to other healthcare professionals. I have recognized in Jen her astute cognitive knowledge of the body. She laces everything we do with education of my own physiology, such as a better way to go up the 4 flights of stairs I walk up every day. I feel committed to my own health and wellness in new way.

I highly recommend her partnership with any client or healthcare professional who wants to work with a high integrity, supportive professional, who cares both about her work and also invests deeply in her clients’ health and wellbeing.  Jen is a continuous inspiration to me!”

Cathy McLafferty-Smith, M.A., LPC GCDFI, CMT

Physician Leadership & Development Coach

When I first came to see Jen, I had a stiff neck and upper back pain, and I was not sleeping well. I had no flexibility at all. Prior to this experience I was not a “working out type.”

Jen made me feel comfortable from the first day. I have become so educated about my own body. I understand the root of my pain now, and she’s helped my body become flexible & functional. I truly feel like a new person — or the same person in a new body. I feel much healthier, leaner & fit, and I feel more comfortable walking, sitting & sleeping than I ever thought possible! I’m not sure how I was functioning prior to having Jen’s work in my life.  I enjoy working out, being in my body & being healthy now!

Jen educates and teaches in a way that is possible for anyone to learn. She is an amazing instructor to work with, and I highly recommend her.”

Rebecca Rinke

HR/Payroll Manager, Blue Water Trucking

When I first met Jen, I had pain due to fibromyalgia, and was looking to improve my overall fitness. I was lonely as a new mom and needed to feel more connected to my body, which wasn’t responding well to the movement and sequencing of other classes.

I’ve spent the past year with Jen unlearning bad habits and learning new ways to move that don’t cause pain. I wish I had this asset years ago. My commitment to healing my body has resulted in amazing changes in flexibility and mobility. I walk away each week feeling refreshed, stronger, more balanced. I no longer see myself as broken and fragile. My newfound confidence in my fitness level has increased my confidence in other areas of my life.

Working with Jen is invaluable and has become a necessity in keeping my pain levels down and maintaining a good headspace. I look forward to seeing where I’m at another year from now.”

(Update: Laurel pursued her creative passion, tried an aerial & silks class, and is now an instructor, doing very well in her body!)

Laurel Miller

Michigan Placenta Encapsulators


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