VIDEO: High Heel Relief! Fox 2 Morning Show

Alan Longstreet got a taste of what it's like to like to wear and move in high heels.  He learned more about the impact high heels have on the alignment of women's bodies. We briefly used the Parasetter Minis, an impactful, easy-to-use prop that my...

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4 Metro Detroit Grocery Stores That Deliver

Many of us dream of nourishing, home-cooked meals surrounded by the laughter of family or friends. Then, rush hour hits, you circle the grocery store parking lot 30 times looking for a spot, load and unload screaming kids, navigate the crowded store hoping you haven't...

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VIDEO: Prep Your Body For Summer Sports

I drop in to Fox 2 Detroit's studio regularly as a fitness expert to teach viewers how to enjoy more active lifestyles with fewer aches and pains. Alan Longstreet and I briefly discussed why you should use Dynamic Joint Mobility Drills instead of stretches to prepare...

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10 Natural Foods That Alleviate Pain and Inflammation

Everything you’re doing in your life right now either optimizes or interferes with your performance and productivity. I’m sure you know interventions like physical therapy can improve a physical condition, but you may not have considered how your diet can reduce pain...

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Write Your Way To Better Health

What if you could get out of pain faster just by writing a few sentences a day? When conventional medical appointments aren’t enough to make you feel in control of your well-being, it’s time to supplement with evidence-based practices that help you reach your health...

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7 Attitudes That Make or Break Your Recovery

In 2009 and 2010, at the height of my career as a Radio City Rockette, I started experiencing pain in the front of my left hip. The pain began during our busy holiday performance season. I figured, with a little post-season rest, the nagging issue would subside, as...

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