Hi, I’m Jen Fiandt, a Health Coach & Movement Specialist who has helped hundreds of savvy women live with greater strength, grace, and vitality.



Over the years, I’ve discovered that I work best with women who are looking for a smarter way to feel strong and healthy as they mature.


You may be what I call an Introverted Active. You prefer to avoid loud gyms and high-pressured group classes, and would rather practice mindful movement—tailored to your unique body—in a tranquil, focused setting.

To you, being active is about improving cognitive function, staying strong and healthy, getting the creative juices flowing, and creating a better relationship to your body.  With complete privacy (no grunting or gawking), you can tune in more deeply and condition your body more intelligently.


As a former Radio City Rockette, I danced professionally for 11 years, and enjoyed performing in the spotlight. I loved the challenge of pushing my body to learn and move in sync with my fellow Rockettes.

But my decade-long competitive career had set the stage for an overtrained body and chronic pain.

Years of injuries and misalignments I had ignored, pushed through, or didn’t know how to correct had taken their toll—not to mention the adrenal fatigue and exhaustion that had set in.

When I retired from the Rockettes after 11 amazing years, it was time to heal.

And my journey began to understand my body so it could serve me in a new, empowered way.

I sought out the top experts who soon became my mentors— Pilates and yoga instructors, health coaches, physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, naturopaths, chiropractors, somatic experts, anatomists, manual therapists, and acupuncturists, among others.

What I realized is that most health and athletic/competitive performance environments are equipped with gifted teachers, coaches, and trained specialists.  But…

When it comes to tending to the body at a fundamental level, there is no single holistic approach that integrates the science and art of alignment, biomechanics, your body’s nervous and sensory systems, mindfulness, and lifestyle factors.

I’d get some relief on one specific piece of the puzzle, but no one seemed to know how to help me put it all together. And I didn’t really know how to create more permanent change with my own habits when I left each office.


Because I was so passionate about filling this gap, I got to work healing my own body first.

Over the course of 7 years, I completed over 2000 hours of anatomy, conditioning and post-rehab therapeutic training.

I trained on-site at Duke University Integrative Medicine in Integrative Health Coaching, studying under leading experts in health behavior change in university and hospital settings. And I completed advanced certifications in Pilates, Yoga, and fitness, with specialized training in a number of common conditions women face.

It was this combination of modalities, knowledge, and tools that finally helped me understand my body and learn how to care for and move it properly.

To me, there’s nothing more empowering than feeling like I have x-ray vision into my unique movement patterns.


And this is my goal for YOU.

“With a sharp eye and strong intuition, Jen educates me and provides custom solutions at an encouraging pace. She is a master of verbal analogies that fit how I think and function. She demonstrates gentle (but firm) coaching skills with a variety of tools and methods.”

Cathy McCafferty-Smith
M.A., LPC GCDFI, CMT, Physician Leadership & Development Coach

As we work together, we will uncover your fundamental movement patterns, so you can make new connections that will restore your movement fully.

That means YOU become the master of your own body.

If you want to pick up a new sport or hobby, you know where to focus to get the swing, jump, or range of motion to play and learn with ease.

And if you want to simply connect with your body and its rhythms, you will know how to tune in and work with it.

We’ll take a comprehensive look at how your diet and rest impact your energy, pain levels, and weight.

Each session is catered to you, your goals, your nature, and of course, your unique body.

“Jen is like a co-pilot or a navigator that holds you accountable and makes sure you are taking the correct steps to reach your ultimate wellness. This is the first time in a long time that I feel balanced and at peace without the aid of medication.”

Cori Callahan
Former Radio City Rockette, Choreographer, Sales Rep & Mom of 3


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